Friday, May 20

Saddam's tighty whitey's.

I resisted the curiosity to look at the picture for a while, but then caved. I follow a link to the BBC story, and catch this little demonstration of astonishing ineptitude.

'Destroy the myth'

The Sun cited US military sources saying they handed over the pictures showing Saddam as "an ageing and humble old man" in the hope of dealing a blow to the resistance in Iraq.

"It's important that the people of Iraq see him like that to destroy the myth," the paper's source was quoted as saying.

Right, just like the humiliating photos of his post capture doctor exam, released to break the backbone of the resistance just over a year and a half ago, which was about six months after declaration of victory, and the glorious photo-op that was the inspiration of this blog's title.

Just like the photos of his dead sons were supposed to...........Jeez.

The above has all the hallmarks of the broken record, bird brained logic, employed by the NeoCon's to start up the Middle Eastern Meatgrinder and comments to the contrary by millitary mouthpieces shoul be taken with a Saltlick. These idiots are still operating under the illusion, that the resistance has anything to do with Saddam. But then again these idiots learned all the wrong lessons from Viet Nam while declining to learn from another's mistakes, the Soviet invasion and eventual withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A statement from the US-led force said it was "disappointed at the possibility that someone responsible for the security, welfare, and detention of Saddam would take and provide these photos for public release".

The statement added: "This lapse is being aggressively investigated to determine, if possible, who took the photos, and to ensure existing procedures and directives are complied with to prevent this from happening again."

Col Boylan said: "As far as any breaches of the Geneva Convention, that's something we are looking into. We did not officially release those photos, and so there's a question on whether it is actually a breach or not."

Wow, nice looking loophole you have there, Colonel, I would definately maintain the death grip you have on it. It's a damn good thing that no one is reaponsible for anything, otherwise someone might end up in the pokey.

I won't go into the fact that this is YAVGC (yet another violation of the Geneva Convention).

Kitainy and Bean

A shot of the back of the Kitainy Yevshenki staring at something. "What is it boy?"

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Following a story with his nose, as Bean hangs out with her new friend "baby bunny".

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Followed by another shot of the two.

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Sunday, May 15

Finally got around to making some brass chips.

Below, I am using the drill chuck mounted in the talistock to bore an exhaust port. As the bore needed to continue through the entire length, the part needed to be removed from the 4 jaw chuck remounted and boring continued from the other end. I kind of thought of it as a smaller version of the chunnel, and it took a bit longer than I anticipated.

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Below is the finished part.

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A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

So this afternoon on this thread over at the eschaton, a troll going by the nom de blog The American Left, makes a few interesting statements. So what the hell, I will share them with you. Any Italicised text represents something said by some other party, any bold text or text within parenthases will indicate snark or background.

i'm getting my ass handed to me everywhich way, and i just can't take it anymore.

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 3:48 pm |

And so it begins, makes a good point doesn't it.

Every time Bush is proven right or the liberal media is proven wrong, all I have is name-calling and impotent RAAAAAGE! It's easier to throw crap than to stand up for what is right!

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 3:53 pm |


Obviously the American military has beaten prisoners, killed them, sexually humiliated them, but don't you libs DARE accuse the military of flushing a Koran down the toilet, or you will expose yourselves for the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy kooks you all secretly are.

Obviously the American military investigated, tried, and convicted the people responsbile, so America must be bad and should be attacked by Saddamites and Islamofascists on a regular basis.

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 3:55 pm |

Not sure it is aware of it, but he is responding to a parody troll.

i hope your son, your daughter, your mother, your father, your freind, your brother, whoever goes to iraq and dies for the lie.

Wishing death upon people--another great support-building tactic brought to you by the American Left!

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 3:56 pm |


we didn't start this war.

Correct-Saddam started it.

We'll finish it, and the Iraqis will thank everyone who supported their liberation.

I don't know what they'll think of the people who supported Saddam, though.

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 4:04 pm |

It should be obvious at this point that there is no reasoning with this one.

Bolton will stand up to dictators and murderers, and their supporters, in the UN. We just can't have that happening.

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 4:09 pm |


How exactly, did Saddam start the war? (I had asked this question in response to 4:04)

Kuwait, 1991, was supposed to give up his weapons and stop oppressing people afterward? Spent his time instead building palaces and buying off leftist politicians like your hero George Galloway and Jacques Chirac?

Saddam started it. We finished it.

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 4:10 pm |

I won't even go into the details of our "a nudge is as good as a wink to a blind bat" complicity.

another stupid ass.

Another leftist dodge. You're the one who wished death upon someone I know to "teach me a lesson". Typical--use violence to force ideological purity.

And you wonder why so many people tried to escape from the workers' paradises of the Soviet bloc?

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 4:14 pm |


If you finished it, what are 150,000 soldiers doing bogged down in Iraq?

Trying to keep your dead-ender allies among the remnants of the Ba'ath party, and their friends among al Qaeda, from killing more freedom-loving Iraqis and toppling the democratically-elected government.

I know you freaks hate votes and elections--just look at the fight over the constitutional option, where you nuts want to prevent a fair vote on judicial nominees--but can you at least pretend to have the best interests of Iraqis at heart once in a while, instead of foreign jihadis and friends of the former dictator?

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 4:17 pm |


Saddam is awaiting trial for his many crimes, when he should be given a comfortable home, welfare, and some understanding.

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 4:20 pm |


TAL - let's show these rotten bastards what true patriotism is all about by signing up for military service and volunteering for duty in Iraq. (the General made this statement and drew out a rather curious response)

Why would I want to go to Iraq when there are even more dangerous and diabolical Islamofascists for me to fight right here?

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 4:24 pm |

I presume he is referring to us evil leftists, but clearly the ftrain has jumped the tracks.

Ethiopians are voting in elections today. Why can't they just have a brutal dictator like all brown people are supposed to have?

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 4:26 pm |

Trans. I don't think I am a rascist fuckwit, besides monumental evidence to the contrary.

I just bought a new yellow ribbon decal for my Suburban last week. See: you commie pinko libs hate the troops.

That's good, but it's not enough. You also need to make a call to Rush Limbaugh's show to voice your support at least once every three or four months.

I know waiting on hold ain't fun, but it's the very least we can do to show our solidarity with those young men and women who are in harm's way.

The American Left | Email | Homepage | 05.15.05 - 4:31 pm |


What a terrible waste of all that food, water, and air.

More lathe fun

Image Hosted by

While not obvious in the photo, the lathe is running at about 200 rpm. Notice that the hand on the dial indicator is barely a blur. This is because the brass rod in the four jaw chuck has been centered to about .0007 or within 7 ten thousanths of an inch, or as the old timers would put it 7 tenths. This is actually pretty damn good for a lathe of this quality and probably represents the limits of concentricity in the rod itself.

In any event, time to make something.

Oh Sweet Jesus.

Thanks to Wtlodge40
Who had the following to say:

And I do apologize.... but why should I be the only one pouring disinfectant in my eyes?

Satire is fucking dead - DEAD!
So I hop on over to check out the link and what do I find?

Image Hosted by

While Godwin's Law may have at one point been appropriate, I do not think he could have anticipated the ascendancy of BushCorp, nor the numbers of people who would follow into lockstep support of dear leader. From the site (dripping with a persecution complex).

If this country's legislature and judiciary are supposed to
reflect the values and beliefs of The People, then send them
a message that they are WAY off course!

If you are tired of secularists telling you that The Lord has no place
in our government and our public institutions, then show them that
you disagree.

This symbol, this site, and this car magnet have been created for the
millions of Americans who support the President and his vision for a
government that embraces religion, morality, and family values. It
shows worship to the Lord, respect for the President, and hope for

Join the millions of Americans who believe that President Bush’s faith-
based administration presents the best hope for America’s future.
The future is in your hands. Stand up and be counted!
Democracy be damned, these folks are hell bent on the establishment of the "Theocratic States of Crackerstan"

Rice in Iraq: "War came to us" Yeah, Riiiiiiiiiiiight

Well the Mistress of Mendacity, does it again. Thanks SteveNS . On how many freaking levels this is wrong, I am not going to bother to calculate, but I will take a moment to remind everyone of the conventional 9-11 story, and that is that a bunch of Saudi terrorists with no proven connection to Saddam Hussein were responsible for the attacks on the US that day. So lets take a look at the wonderfull feelgood Photo-Op that was Condi's visit to Iraq.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made an unannounced trip to Iraq on Sunday, urging patience for the country's fragile new government and offering encouragement to American troops.

Rice, making her first visit to Iraq as secretary of state, spoke to hundreds of U.S. troops and diplomats in Baghdad.

"I want you to keep focused on what you are doing here," Rice told the diplomats and troops who gathered in one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces. "This war came to us, not the other way around."

"The United States, along with the rest of the free world, believed somehow for a number of years that people in this region didn't care about freedom," she said. "We cared about stability. And what we got was neither. We got a malignancy that was growing that came to haunt us on the fine September day" in 2001.

A couple of things. First what region are you referring to exacly, IsRabiStan, a region bordered by china in the east, Russia to the north, the Indian Ocean to the south and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, or are you just referring to RabPersiaStan, the region that for some reason sits on top of the oil that rightfully belongs to Team America™? Secondly the way that "...fine September day" rolls off fyour tongue, makes me wonder if you do not consider yourself to have benefitted from the horrible events of that day.

And was not your previous job to see to it that such events did not happen at all, and instead of reprimand, you enjoy a promotion. How do I get into your line of work, how do I get on the fast track of spectacular Hacktacularity, whenever will the Peter Principle come to my assistance?