Tuesday, July 17

He didn't call them Niggers, but he doesn't need to.

So Mitt Romney (R-money) spoke to the NAACP convention last week and just stopped short of dropping the N-Bomb. He waited until he was before a favorable crowd before starting his (dog)whistle stop parade.

R-Money knows that a substantial portion of the republican base can't stand the fact that he comes from polygamy and traffics in magic underoos. In other words a portion of the electorate (mostly southern baptists) regard his religion as a cult even though the Mormons feign fealty to every American's favorite sky buddy. The one thing that he pretends to have in common with that cohort, is a deep and abiding hatred of the Negro. Personally I don't necessarily think that R-Money has any particular antipathy towards African Americans anymoreso than he has to anyone else who has failed to launch their highborn bootstraps into the stratosphere of wage and property thieves astride piles of money rarely of their own earning.

R-money was not born on third base thinking he hit a triple, he was born with home base serving as a pillow and thinks he hit an in the park home run. Such was the chutzpah on display when first he told those in attendance at the convention that not only was he going to do everything in his power to recreate Jim Crow across all of the land, that secondly, they should thank him for it.
For the few who might read this and not understand the dynamics at play in the current landscape a quick primer: When Williard uses the word better in the following sentence, he is not using it in a way that is aligned with the traditional meaning of the word. He is suggesting that it was better when you had your own drinking fountains and "swimming pools".

"If you want a president who will make things better in the African American community, you are looking at him."
Now I wasn't present but I can assure you that muffled laughter followed that quote. No self respecting person of color in attendance was in anyway, shape or form fooled by R-money's concern trolling on their account. Most certainly, most of those in attendance quickly realized that they were not, in fact the intended audience of the speech. The intended consumers were people who also managed to believe that they had by dint of their own labors managed to win gold medals in the bootstrap yanking Olympics...let us take a look at...Aliza Davodat:

I have interviewed some of the most successful Jews in the world, people who emerged from the Holocaust or started out with nothing and who today are on Forbes’ list of billionaires. There is an underlying theme to their success stories: They got out of bed, worked hard and pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Bootstraps...pulling oneself up...A most vicious canard. When persons of the default identity, i.e. white folk, pretend to care about their Negro brethren in this fashion, most of us (pigmentally challenged) realize the hand that is being played. It is one that longs for the accessibility of a tree and a noose. A desire to harvest strange fruit.

Even Mayor Bloomberg recounted to me how in his youth he made money by parking cars and told me the trick to his success was merely getting up earlier and working harder than the next guy. Mark Cuban told me he started out selling garbage bags door to door. The Jews, the most persecuted people in history know one thing from their pan-generational sufferings: God helps those who help themselves.

Parking cars? As if somebody who was Black when Bloomberg was a kid would be trusted to take possession of an Automobile if for only a moment. Selling Garbage bags...Door to door? If we have not discovered the height of  ridiculousness in the service of the Bootstrap Fallacy then just kill me now. I had a paper route as a kid and sold candy bars to assist the little league, and I will admit that I sucked at both. Mostly due to the fact that I don't like bothering people, which door to door bullshit makes it nearly impossible to avoid. But then I have always been an adherent of the Golden Rule.

Later R-money during a talk with supporters in Montana said the following:

"I tried to talk to them niggers, but they simply would not listen when I told them that they were not only shiftless and lazy, but the reason for everything that was wrong in this world. I tried to talk to THEM and they would not listen to ME."

Sorry, that is not what he actually said, but it is really what the audience heard and what he meant to say. what he actually said was:

 "If you’re looking for free stuff you don’t have to pay for? Vote for the other guy, that’s what he’s all about, okay? That’s not, that’s not what I’m about."

This can also be translated into "That nigger has three of his hands in your pockets and is trying to steal all of you hard earned money in order to give it to 13 percent of the population, one in eight, and since that monumental population does not tend to vote with us, they are not only agin us, but we must demand that they lift the boots from our necks.

That there are a faction of idiots who are convinced that a miniscule portion of the population, with nothing related to the possession of anything resembling power, have made them victims of oppression is possibly the sorriest of sorrows.

But we live in an environment wherein the wealthy are regarded as victims, even as they amass more and more wealth and our mouth-breathing bretherin swallow that without any impulse for regurgitation.