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Fear and Loathing of the Blackity Black

Abraham Goldstien is definitely not a racist. Not one teeny tiny bit. Any animus he has toward black people is perfectly justified as you shall see below. These comments were in response to a nice piece called<a href=""> Fear of a Black President</a> penned by <a href="">Ta Nehisi Coates</a> at the Atlantic.

I will let Mr. Goldstien speak for himself, if you must have a finer grained context, then by all means feel free to read all of the comments on the piece. I assure you that there are others that share Mr. Goldsteins opinions, but none with the laser like focus and ubiquity with which Mr. Goldstein does, thus, his being singled out for examination.

Shall we begin?
Abraham Goldstein 2 days ago in reply to Sam E Moore Jr

Don't forget the black superintendent of the Atlanta school system faking the test scores to win her National Administrator of the Year award or whatever it was. Even some sad black people called that "black on black" crime.
Black people need to own up to the problems in their own community and stop blaming racism. White liberals need to quit encouraging that bullshit so they can pass their liberal agenda.


Abraham Goldstein 2 days ago in reply to Juan Pablo

Yes, some individuals in the black community have faced their issues well. However, I'm talking about the whole community. Look at Detroit, it has been run by democrats since 1961, and blacks have heavily dominated since the 1980's. It is broke and falling apart. It was once the greatest industrial city in the world when whites, including Jews, ran the place.
Black societies all over the world are poorly run because most blacks don't accept responsibility for their own failures. You stupid ass liberals just egg them on by blaming it on racism.


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Juan Pablo

This line of thinking is what ruins America - always giving blacks the out that it "isn't their fault."
As long as it is not their fault, they get affirmative action and an excuse for failure, and massive social welfare programs. So they continue to fail, you find the few (less than 10% of the population that you can fairly call racist, people like myself being a dying breed) racists left to blame it on, they agree it isn't their own fault, and they keep getting promotions and contracts they don't earn.
When does it end - when the last racist left admits he is wrong? What's in it for us, backed into the corner? Might as well fight rather than lose without a fight.

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Richard Wilson

Richard, we are dying out. Hence the left wing liberal supremacists are not going to have the old "all white people are racists" argument to continue the affirmative action scam. Then all the parasites who benefit from "diversity" will actually have to do something useful or starve.


Abraham Goldstein 7 hours ago in reply to PacificRim

Back when white people ran things, we were a great country. Since we were the best, the only conclusion is the right people were hired for the job and did it better than anyone in the world. Our country sucks now, parallel to affirmative action, diversity, and quotas. China is clearly overtaking us because asians are harder working and smarter than blacks and hispanics, and we can't carry all that dead weight around and not fall behind.
You white people who don't see this are either scared pussies, stupid as shit, or benefit from the cheap labor. We are now 16 trillion in debt and continuing to sink. White men need to take over and be given complete authority to fix this country, or we will all suffer.


Abraham Goldstein 4 hours ago in reply to Roxlaw

I'm just righteous - you people take it the wrong way.

Abraham Goldstein 3 hours ago in reply to Roxlaw

It was my pleasure. I hope you hae a fine a glorious day.
Diversity is strength.

Abraham Goldstein 1 hour ago in reply to Christopher Torres

Hey greaseball, is it ok to beat someone up for their free speech?
Is it legal to assault someone who thinks differently than you, phag?

Abraham Goldstein 4 hours ago in reply to The Truth

I would have voted to keep blacks out of Israel, but I live in NYC.
Jews contribute far more to America than blacks, who taketh away.
The productive people in America are white and asian, as anyone with a brain can see.
Warning to American blacks -the asians think less of you than I do.
They consider you to be violent, Simian in appearance, and inclined toward criminality.
I advocate reparations for slavery, minus all the free shit you have alreay received.

Abraham Goldstein 3 hours ago in reply to The Truth

Sadly, you are a pukifyable, sad, ignorant, feces and pig eating anti-semite.

Abraham Goldstein 3 hours ago in reply to PacificRim

What is the present value of 40 acres and a mule, then?
What would it cost per slave decendent, then, to make it right?
I'd pay 50,000 per black person for you to go back to Africa, which is a glorious place, I hear.

Abraham Goldstein 1 hour ago in reply to Bruce Velocity

Go back to Afrika, darkie!

Abraham Goldstein 3 hours ago in reply to blacklikeme

I have looked into the eyes of many a black child - and I did see that they hated me because I was white. I concluded their parent (one parent, get it) taught them to hate me because I was white.
Forty years ago in Mississippi I sat in a car waiting for my grandmother, and black kids went by and cursed me because I was white - in other words, they said FU white boy through the window of the Cadillac I was sitting in that day.
There exists plenty of black racism and hate that gets a free pass, but some black people are honest enough to admit it.

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Charlie Bradley

Blacks did a lackluster job running Egypt. Additionally, you might try the singular form of racist when referring to one person.


Abraham Goldstein 3 hours ago in reply to Cheryl Hill

He is a big fat racist, isn't he?

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to moeblues

You are an idiot, pig eater.


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to George Dawson

I'm in New York City, so I'm not aware of the current state of the language. However, I was under the impression you referred to your negroes as "boy".


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Doctor Claw

You are a negro loving, anti-semite pig eating shlub.

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Abraham Goldstein 5 hours ago in reply to Vincent Darrell

Please respect the fact that my grandfather was worked to death at Auschwitz and don't call me that name.

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Andrew Napier

Andrew, I appreciate your polite response. However, I still find flaws with it. Atlanta is run by whites and blacks, with enough whites to prop it up - for now. West Virginia, Misissippi, and Alabama have large populations of blacks on welfare, etc., dragging them down. New York is run by my people - so there you go. California is led by white and Jewish and asian innovators, the best in the world, and they carry the massive lower classes there.
As for Africa, you are right, they have only been on their own for the last 50 years, assuming you are talking post colonialism. Of course, they had thousands of years before that, but let's see how they do for the next fifty. You cannot credibly say they are outperforming Russia, Poland, or any Eastern European nation, even if they (the eastern Euros) don't meet the median white standard.
I only argue that jewish and white societies do better on average than black and hispanic societies. Obviously, the asians are beating our "diversity is strength" model to pieces, as we are propped up with 16 trillion in debt, comparing poorly to China and its surpluses.

(ed: this in response to somebody bringing up the Tulsa race riots)

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Jeff205

Actually, it had a bunch of successful businesses, and the riot was precipitated by the usual white girl/black boy misunderstanding.
Here is where I feel the entire narrative of black/white relations gets sidetracked and distorted by liberals intent on advancing their agenda without regard to truth or decency. Virtually all whites opposed lynchings and riots, and this was the worst in history. Virtually all whites would want to see justice done and punishment meted out to the perps. I am among them, and I support reparations from the city of Tulsa. I support reparations for slavery.
However, it has to have a limit and include all the last 50 years of outrageously generous social programs and affirmative action, all justified as a type of reparations.
So, let's come up with a number for each former slave, through negotiations, pay it, and end all other diversity, affirmative action, quotas, etc and let the best man win.
You cannot say America is still racist because the occasional person such as myself gets very little support on these forums, and typically I get denounced.
I don't like blacks but do not wish to harm them, nor live near them and their criminal and destructive tendencies, their lack of responsibility, and their tendency to promote one sided transactions in their favor.
Name one country started by blacks, built by blacks without outside help, that you as a white person are willing to live in and take your family. If you can't, aren't you some kind of racist unless you find some white person to blame for it? The black man cannot be allowed to be blamed for all his failures if the liberal scam is to continue, so the truth cannot be accepted, and its perveyors must be attacked and discredited no matter what.


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Jeff205

Sure, blacks and some whites do poorly. You miss the point - most blacks do poorly, most whites are self supporting.
Just compare white run cities versus black run cities in this shithole we call America.
You can find similiar size white cities with maybe 3 cops and 2 murders per year versus black cities with 30 cops and 50 murders per year. It isn't a racial issue - it is a cultural problem in that white liberals tell them it isn't their fault they rape, rob and steal - it is the so-called fault of the "legacy" of racism, which other than me and a few others, is totally gone from society.
England has about 75 murders per year out of 50 million people or so. Detroit, with about 500,000 people probably whacks 1000 people per year! The difference - England is 90% white - Detroit is black as coal.


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to María Garza

Maria- gracias. Creo que esa mentalidad retrógrada idiota se perderá y seguir el camino de toda carne.

For those of you haters out there, I told her the idiot nazi would lose and go the way of all flesh. (My other home is in Guadlajara)
Not too bad - a racist like me who speaks Spanish.

Abraham Goldstein 7 hours ago in reply to Rebecca Anne Inkster

You suck - I have the right to my opinions, too. Our country deserves no support from conservatives because it has been stolen from us. This shithole of a country is the most liberal in the history of the world. Gay now has more esteem than properly married men and women. 13% of the population is responsible fo half the murders, and they don't act the slightest bit ashamed, and in fact blame it on others. White men are routinely discriminated against, and if they complain, they are called racists and shunned by the majority of the public. I hate America, and other white men should, also.
You cannot keep this ship afloat if we give up on it.


Abraham Goldstein 7 hours ago in reply to Cheryl Hill

Well, when a once great country now has gay marines being led by black women generals, I can't really sit around and pretend everything is just peachy, can I?

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Abraham Goldstein 5 hours ago in reply to Cheryl Hill

I have my issues, as does everyone else. I suppose you work through yours by pretending that every advancement in the last ten thousand years wasn't mainly accomplished by tough and bold white men who were supported by the loving females in their lives.


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to santaferider

Wow, like dude - you totally made my point for me. Whites left, Detroit crashed and burned.


Abraham Goldstein 8 hours ago in reply to Insanitea

Why wouldn't they take what they earned, you communist windbag?
Would you rather whites bend over and screwed even more by rapacious unproductive parasites?

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Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Vincent G Thomas

Thanks for pointing that out Vinnie - I hadn't noticed.

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Noibn48

Well, true - many blacks live in the south and contribute to the health crisis, and the lack of paying for things crisis. Low test scores from blacks - blame whites for that, of course.
Every state gets more federal money than they pay out - thanks to Obama's trillion dollar deficits.


Abraham Goldstein 8 hours ago in reply to John Michael Crofford

Hey fat boy - I hear they are having a special on the triple meat bacon 1 pound heart attack inducing pig lover's special - go stuff your face with what is left over from your measly paycheck after the government steals enough from you to pay off the blacks to not riot.

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Abraham Goldstein 8 hours ago in reply to chagrined

How many African-Americans have won Nobel Prizes in science? The contributions of Jewish people in America are so substantial you should be kissing our ass rather than trying to kill us again. What Jewish people pay in taxes to the government is far more than the piddling amount Israel gets!

Abraham Goldstein 5 hours ago in reply to tim117

The white suburbs do well in spite of the collapse of the auto industry.. big suprise. Detroit leeches off the suburbs, not vice versa.

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Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Charlie Bradley

Mr Bradley, you are absolutely correct. I do not understand America at all. How is it possible a 90% white nation, greatest in all the world, would destroy itself? Whites have many flaws, also.


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to guest240

Another senior moment, or perhaps a senor moment. I was refering to prior to the 1965 Immigration act.

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to Candice Greatbanks

So 13% of the population commits almost half of the murders, but it isn't their fault?
How many black people where lynched last year? Trayvon and who else?
I'll bet you don't walk around in a black neighborhood late at night, do you, biitch?


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to SKKG

My point remains unrefuted. Plus, I would have put an apostrophe in "one's", you ignorant slut.

(ed: from a guy who just spelled bitch with two i's)

Abraham Goldstein 3 days ago in reply to JoshuaJasper

 You are welcome, JoshuaJasper - thanks for your support.

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to JoshuaJasper

Joshuajasper, thanks again for your kind words of support.

Abraham Goldstein 3 days ago in reply to Charlie Brown

 I hope as a white man you get the shit kicked out of you by a white hating minority who illustrates bigotry and stupidity, but gets away with it because self hating white douchebags such as yourself encourage him to think of himself as a victim.


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to FEDUPAmerican1

They like our money!

Abraham Goldstein 3 days ago in reply to CitizenSoldier_RC

 Wow - you are so anti-white and self hating you make me puke. I hope you lose your job to affirmative action, declare bankruptcy, and your wife leaves you homeless. I hope the best you can do after that is get a job working for a black woman who got her job through a diversity program, is lazy and incompetent as shit, and bosses your wimpy ass around all day!

Abraham Goldstein 3 days ago in reply to CitizenSoldier_RC

Gee CitizenSoldier, I appreciate your compliments. It makes me feel all happy.
P.S  Thanks for shooting all those Arabs over there so Wall Street can steal their oil. I'm sure that marching into combat underneath an unqualified idiot officer socially promoted at West Point to keep the black grad rates up enrages you so much that killing innocent Arab children seems morally defensible. I can only assume their mothers loved them as much as your mother loves you.
LBJ, LBJ, how many kids have you killed today?


Abraham Goldstein 2 days ago in reply to CitizenSoldier_RC

You are correct RC, I should be more subtle. Thank you for trying to help me out. Perhaps you are an undercover spy for the cause, just pretending to be some left wing pussy?


Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to CitizenSoldier_RC

Hey buddy - thanks again for the help. My cause is pointing out that affirmative action means a less qualified person gets the job, and we all lose. If we don't put white men back in charge, we cannot beat the asians economically for now, militarily later. White men made the country great, supported by their loving wives and mothers and daughters.
Blacks and Hispanics, although many of them are fine, hard working people, must be led by white men who use their talents appropriately, and promote only white men to the highest positions.

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to CitizenSoldier_RC

How many Arabs did you kill over there?

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to CitizenSoldier_RC

You are a smart one, but not quite there yet. I'm the voice of the new oppressed, who must awaken to their enslavement at the hands of their inferiors, egged on and made possible by vicous, self serving elites, the true haters of all mankind - intent only upon their own enrichment, no matter who pays for it, as long as they are not the ones.
Esswntially, mostly rich white people are the wardens, they have hired a few blacks and made them captains over the working class whites housed in the cells, and doused them with fatty foods, liquor, negro ball games to watch on television, and told them because they are white, they are bad, and must serve the negroes and the elite.
BTW, if any of you know asians very well, they don't like black people, either, and are presently intent upon raping Africa of all her resources. They are goingto take over America, so let's hope they don't lose respect for us whiteys.

Abraham Goldstein 2 days ago in reply to ForWhomTheBellTolls

If most Jews don't feel the racial hatred you claim I have, why do so many Palestinians get the shit kicked out of them in Israel?

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Abraham Goldstein 2 days ago in reply to malkovich

Most of them don't, but I'm used to it, believe me. Some like that I'm willing to tell the truth.

Abraham Goldstein 2 days ago in reply to malkovich

Some would, others wouldn't


Abraham Goldstein 2 days ago in reply to malkovich

Many didn't like Judah Benjamin, but they called him the "Brains of the Confederacy."

Abraham Goldstein 3 days ago in reply to TheRaven

 As you say, demographics is destiny. Our destiny is Mexico, then? Fine country, robust defense of the environment, respect for women, very little corruption.
You self hating white people are worse than the anti white minorities who are going to take over and flog you in the streets to get revenge from the oppression fairy tales you told about your own white fathers. Stupid assholes.


Abraham Goldstein 3 days ago in reply to Sunny Scholl

I guess being a member of AIPAC, the ADL, and the SPLC means nothing to you?
My grandfather died at Auschwitz, I admire Eli Wiesenthal, and you can go to hell, beatch!

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Abraham Goldstein 2 days ago in reply to ForWhomTheBellTolls

Senior moment, I'm sorry, I meant Simon, although I do admire them both. Obviously, I'm not one of our Ivy Leaguers, even though we dominate the Ivy League with 25 percent of the students and professors. I not one of the 40% of the world's billionaires who are Jewish, either.
Would mentioning all our Nobel Prize winners buy me any more authetinticity?
Although the Rothschilds were able to buy their way out of trouble, my Sabba was not, and the Nazi bastards worked him to death after he refused to fix the ovens.
P.S. Hemingway was half Jewish.

Abraham Goldstein 2 days ago in reply to Noibn48

Indeed, why not Treblinka, Sobibor, or Belzec? I didn't claim to be a learned man, you bacon eating anti-semite. I did not go to the Ivy League - I went to CUNY.
I would say Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, or Louis Brandeis were more important, but it is a long list. So piss off, loser/phag.

Abraham Goldstein 1 day ago in reply to TheRaven

Everyone is a racist, Ravenphag, just some of us admit it.

Abraham Goldstein 3 days ago in reply to R-Cynic

Pro peckerwood and little whiney boys with erectile dysfunction in the same sentence. You one of those homosexuals who like to have fun in the shower with boys, like Jerry Sanduskey?

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I decided that I had had enough of Mr. Goldstein and his whimsicalities. He hit all the marks, and what is left is likely to be more of the same. Unfortunately a not insignificant population of this country feels the same way, however most are afraid to express their feelings so openly.

Tuesday, July 17

He didn't call them Niggers, but he doesn't need to.

So Mitt Romney (R-money) spoke to the NAACP convention last week and just stopped short of dropping the N-Bomb. He waited until he was before a favorable crowd before starting his (dog)whistle stop parade.

R-Money knows that a substantial portion of the republican base can't stand the fact that he comes from polygamy and traffics in magic underoos. In other words a portion of the electorate (mostly southern baptists) regard his religion as a cult even though the Mormons feign fealty to every American's favorite sky buddy. The one thing that he pretends to have in common with that cohort, is a deep and abiding hatred of the Negro. Personally I don't necessarily think that R-Money has any particular antipathy towards African Americans anymoreso than he has to anyone else who has failed to launch their highborn bootstraps into the stratosphere of wage and property thieves astride piles of money rarely of their own earning.

R-money was not born on third base thinking he hit a triple, he was born with home base serving as a pillow and thinks he hit an in the park home run. Such was the chutzpah on display when first he told those in attendance at the convention that not only was he going to do everything in his power to recreate Jim Crow across all of the land, that secondly, they should thank him for it.
For the few who might read this and not understand the dynamics at play in the current landscape a quick primer: When Williard uses the word better in the following sentence, he is not using it in a way that is aligned with the traditional meaning of the word. He is suggesting that it was better when you had your own drinking fountains and "swimming pools".

"If you want a president who will make things better in the African American community, you are looking at him."
Now I wasn't present but I can assure you that muffled laughter followed that quote. No self respecting person of color in attendance was in anyway, shape or form fooled by R-money's concern trolling on their account. Most certainly, most of those in attendance quickly realized that they were not, in fact the intended audience of the speech. The intended consumers were people who also managed to believe that they had by dint of their own labors managed to win gold medals in the bootstrap yanking Olympics...let us take a look at...Aliza Davodat:

I have interviewed some of the most successful Jews in the world, people who emerged from the Holocaust or started out with nothing and who today are on Forbes’ list of billionaires. There is an underlying theme to their success stories: They got out of bed, worked hard and pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Bootstraps...pulling oneself up...A most vicious canard. When persons of the default identity, i.e. white folk, pretend to care about their Negro brethren in this fashion, most of us (pigmentally challenged) realize the hand that is being played. It is one that longs for the accessibility of a tree and a noose. A desire to harvest strange fruit.

Even Mayor Bloomberg recounted to me how in his youth he made money by parking cars and told me the trick to his success was merely getting up earlier and working harder than the next guy. Mark Cuban told me he started out selling garbage bags door to door. The Jews, the most persecuted people in history know one thing from their pan-generational sufferings: God helps those who help themselves.

Parking cars? As if somebody who was Black when Bloomberg was a kid would be trusted to take possession of an Automobile if for only a moment. Selling Garbage bags...Door to door? If we have not discovered the height of  ridiculousness in the service of the Bootstrap Fallacy then just kill me now. I had a paper route as a kid and sold candy bars to assist the little league, and I will admit that I sucked at both. Mostly due to the fact that I don't like bothering people, which door to door bullshit makes it nearly impossible to avoid. But then I have always been an adherent of the Golden Rule.

Later R-money during a talk with supporters in Montana said the following:

"I tried to talk to them niggers, but they simply would not listen when I told them that they were not only shiftless and lazy, but the reason for everything that was wrong in this world. I tried to talk to THEM and they would not listen to ME."

Sorry, that is not what he actually said, but it is really what the audience heard and what he meant to say. what he actually said was:

 "If you’re looking for free stuff you don’t have to pay for? Vote for the other guy, that’s what he’s all about, okay? That’s not, that’s not what I’m about."

This can also be translated into "That nigger has three of his hands in your pockets and is trying to steal all of you hard earned money in order to give it to 13 percent of the population, one in eight, and since that monumental population does not tend to vote with us, they are not only agin us, but we must demand that they lift the boots from our necks.

That there are a faction of idiots who are convinced that a miniscule portion of the population, with nothing related to the possession of anything resembling power, have made them victims of oppression is possibly the sorriest of sorrows.

But we live in an environment wherein the wealthy are regarded as victims, even as they amass more and more wealth and our mouth-breathing bretherin swallow that without any impulse for regurgitation.


Wednesday, July 4

Blogoversary...8th year and counting

While a majority of the activity on this blog took place in the 5-and a half months betwixt July 4 and early December of aught 4 it has remained something of a going concern, albeit lightly.

Thanks to those that have occasionally stumbled by and put up with tortured prose, metaphor and analogy in the attempted service of everything that is holy (with noodley appendelicious clusters), humorous and good.

In any event, I have made alot of friends along the way and I love you all.

Happy 4th.

Tuesday, June 5

Demographic Genocide, Plantations and Joe Walsh R-(Bigot LoL*)

Lately from the familiar cesspools has been bubbling up repeated instances of the phrase "Democratic Plantation". A Google search will demonstrate that the phrase recently gained traction last Summer and fall during the republican "Pre-Primary Season", most notably by Herman Cain The phrase has been around for quite some time, and if I recall correctly, the first time I remember hearing it would have been sometimes during the Clinton Administration. It is one of those phrases that seems to come into vogue during Democratic administrations, and seems to be used to help the Republican base "understand" why their guy did not win this time around (it may also serve as a feeble attempt to shame the "Coloreds" into leaving the "Plantation"). Lately it has been showing up again, initially in response to the news that for the first time Births to people not of European descent have for the first time outnumbered births to people of European descent. A couple of weeks ago, NRO published a column by Thomas Sowell which starts thusly:
Now that census data show — for the first time in American history — that the number of white babies born is exceeded by the number of babies born to non-white minorities, the question is: What does this mean for the future of American society?

This bit is simply packed to the gills with unspoken subtext. One might convey the new census data in the following way: "This is the first time that births to people of non European descent outnumber births to people of European descent. While this marks a point that demographers have long predicted, persons born of European ancestry will long remain in the majority as a homogeneous cultural group." Put this way, you remove unstated assumptions while providing context. Context is an enemy to obfuscation, misrepresentation and in this case also would get in the way of this obvious attempt to stir up the tribal insecurities of the dominant majority, though Sowell will vociferously deny that the latter is his intent. Any suggestion of Demographic Genocide would indicate that you are either talking to a crazy person or a manipulator of fear and the latter is precisely what Sowell is up to here.

Let's unpack the unstated assumptions. First is the assumption that White persons are real Americans as in representative of the default "American Identity". Following quickly on its heels is the assumption that "non-white" minorities are somehow less than full "Americans". Again, Sowell will deny this, as will his defenders, and I would not be surprised to find that my observation makes me the real racist in their calculus.

The tell is in the question that ends the sentence: "What does this mean for the future of American society?". If it were posed as an honest question, the answer would be pretty simple. Not much, not much at all. But this is not posed as an honest question. What Sowell is really asking is: What does this mean for the future of the Republican party in particular, and White male hegemony in general? The answer to this question is fairly easy as well: Eventually both groups will suffer losses of power, prestige and privilege, and this is what terrifies and motivates most of their actions. It is also why the "Plantation" rhetoric, and suggestions that certain easily identifiable groups should not possess the right to vote with the underlying implication being that they are not mature or smart or white or male enough to vote wisely. Along these lines we run into that hot house flower and paragon of meritocratic virtue himself, Jonah Goldberg, who, I should remind you, said with a straight face that "the white male is the Jew of Liberal Fascism".
“It is a simple fact of science that nothing correlates more with ignorance and stupidity more than youth,” Goldberg said. “We’re all born idiots, and we only get over that condition as we get less young. And yet there’s this thing in this culture where, ‘Oh, young people are for it so it must be special.’ No, the reason young people are for it because they don’t know better. That’s why we call them young people.”

This is an example similar to the "Plantation" metaphor which serves on the one hand to explain why that dirty commie is in the white house and to call into question his legitimate residency by calling into the question of the legitimacy of the voters who put him their. Is it no wonder that Republican state legislatures are working overtime to put into place I.D. voting laws, or furiously rushing to purge the voter rolls of "illegitimate" voters? The latest use of the "Plantation" metaphor comes from Congress person Joe Walsh (R-DeadbeatDad**-LoL*) who dives in with both feet tasting:
"All Jesse Jackson is trying to do is to keep African Americans down on some plantation," he said on the "Big John & Amy" radio show Friday, as reported by Chicagoist.

Later he continued:
"Amy, I know enough of the man to know that if African Americans -- how come Jesse Jackson opposes school choice for inner city African American parents? How come he won't give that ability to low-income black parents? Because he doesn't want blacks, African Americans to escape miserable public schools.He won't give them that opportunity. Why? Because he wants them dependent and imprisoned in terrible public schools in the inner city."

The wondrous beauty of the Plantation metaphor as employed by rich republicans (the vast majority of whom are white and male) is threefold: First, they get to insult the African American community (which gives them points with their racist base), second, they get to claim Lincoln as one of their own and by extension carefully dust under the rug the realities that the vast majority of their agenda is likely to result in a great deal of suffering in the African American Community, and third, essentially suggest that Democrats are the real racists. As far as school "choice" and "vouchers" are concerned, they are designed to funnel tax revenue to subsidize private schools with the full knowledge that the vast majority of the "inner city" kids that Walsh seems to care so much about, will never be able to afford to pay the balance, have the grades required to qualify for enrollment, or afford the transportation to attend the private schools that their tax dollars are supposed to subsidize under the scheme. So the poor inner city kids will have to attend schools with even less funding, poorer conditions and fewer opportunities. So when Walsh accuses Jackson of wanting them "imprisoned in terrible public schools" it is actually Walsh and his fellow republicans that desire that outcome. Walsh is pissed that there is a great deal of resistance from the African American community with regard to "choice" and "vouchers" because it get in the way of accomplishing the following goals. The desire to destroy public education and more importantly, the teachers unions. Now theoretically Sowell and Walsh are professionals, but I would like to highlight a comment made by a reader in response to Sowell's column.
Andy D 05/21/12 08:09 The sad thing about this is that although the left panders to minority voters, the promises the left makes with those voters are promises that are never fulfilled. Those promises can’t be fulfilled because if they were, the left wouldn’t have any snake oil left to sell those voters. [...] This is despite overwhelming evidence indicating that government assistance and success rarely go hand in hand. It’s hard to point to a single man or woman, now a successful businessperson, who points at a battery of government programs as being the source of their success. Yet it remains the top selling point for the left in swooning minority voters. Until voters realize the left is essentially keeping them on the plantation they’ll keep voting left and losing out in life.

Now let's examine the first sentence for example. Replace the word left with right and minority with evangelical, and you actually have an honest description of of Republican governance to date. More often than not if you perform a search and replace when "left" and "minority" show up in a winger screed, you will likely be staring at the truth as it is and not as they would have you have it. As Andy is not a pro, we will forgive him for failing to cite any of this "overwhelming evidence" regarding the success or lack thereof related to government assistance, other than to suggest that the facts in question might have a bit of a foul odor associated with something that has just passed through the colon. The fact that it is difficult to find a captain of industry who might acknowledge, that government programs, might have been a contributing factor to their success, ultimately sounds pretty, but proves nothing. Most successful people are more than willing to pretend that the infrastructure on which the very success of their business depends, exists in a vacuum. I like to call that "the Bootstrap Fallacy". And while Sowell to my knowledge did not employ the allusion to contemporary Negro slavery, he did not have to, his commenter's got the message loud and clear.

I can't finish with Walsh without sharing his very enlightened views on why Obama was elected.
Walsh has displayed penchant for creating controversy at town halls in the past. Late last month, he told a gathering that Obama had gotten elected in 2008 because he was black.
"He was a historic figure. He’s our first African-American president. The country voted for him because of that. It made us feel good about [ourselves]." Walsh said. "I’ve said it before, it helped that John McCain was about 142 years old. It helped that the economy was tanking. A lot of these things helped. But he never would have gotten there without his historic nature."

**(apparently no longer a deadbeat dad, but still a stone cold idiot and first class bigot)

*LoL (land of Lincoln)

Wednesday, May 30

God Bless Amercia

Got the tip from Pryme (who always seems to do me right) and he got it from Gizmodo.

The upshot is that the Romney campaign made a minor spelling error and apparently people have taken the opportunity to razz the campaign about it. Apparently to get in with the hipsters and other cool kids with their iPhones, iPads, Droids and other high-tech handheld devices, the created an app that users could download full of pithy Mittsperational slogans. This would be no big thing if the Obama campaign had made a similar error, for the Republicans at any event for who among us hasn't fallen prey to a simple spelling error from time to time.

If you have not yet guess the word that was misspelled was America we'll let the guys from Gizmodo take it up:
Mitt Romney's new iPhone app, With Mitt, "lets you customize photos with a variety of Mitt-inspired artistic frames." Slogans like "Believe in America," "Obama Isn't Working," and "I'm a Mom for Mitt" are just a few of the Mitt-tastic phrases that can be slapped on your iPhone photos, proudly pronouncing your support of the GOP candidate.

If only he was equally as concerned with supporting our great nation. Much to the delighted displeasure of Twitter, one particular frame option betrays Romney's secret agenda working toward bettering a place known as Amercia.

Yes, that's A-M-E-R-C-I-A.

A-M-E-R-I-C-I-A.  Some might view that as quite the gaffe, and I shudder when I think about how many days Rush would ride that pony if the Obama Campaign had made a similar mistake. How the Sunday Gabfests would spend at least half of their available time parsing the meaning of the gaffe. Because in IOKIYAR world, that would be how they roll.

After looking at the word Amercia, i immediately became a proud one and thoughts floated back to a time before I was born, 1953, to be exact. I started to see the misspelling not as a gaffe, but almost as part of a greater, though subliminal, truth. Since that first successful overthrow of a democratically elected government by the CIA, it might be argued that that was the watershed event, the one that founded the United States of AMERCIA.

That they have managed to fuck up every thing they have had their hands on (a liberal interpretation of the mission outcomes-Blowback anyone?), or were doing exactly what the Powers that Be wanted them to with smashing success (a Conservative viewpoint, destabilize geographical regions rich in natural resources allow your corporations to loot them blind, and all the while in your best Alfred E Newman impression "What, Me? I'm no Colonialist")

In any event I think I can safely say that next year, the truth be told, we will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary (at least) of the Birth of a Nation called AMERCIA.

X-Posted at Wingularius

Tuesday, May 29

The Irrational Fear of a Brown Planet

About a weak ago Right wing Luminary and Brother in Arms, Thomas Sowell was Charged with letting the Cornerites know that for the first time mud people gave birth to more babies than were born of the descendents of white European ancestry. And for some reason i was sucked into opening the link, but as tintin had taken Sowells column to pieces already, I thought I'd see what the Genii of the Corner commentariat had to add to the discussion.
ZacJ said:
"I'm glad Dr. Sowell is a realist here. I keep hearing some conservatives say that Latinos will vote for republicans because Latino immigrants come from socially conservative backgrounds. They often say the same about the future of the black community. They cite things like black voters supporting prop 8 in California and Herman Cain running for president as evidence that black voters will move in the conservative direction. People believe that because Cuban Latinos dislike Castro and often vote republican that the whole Latino community will soon come around to fiscal conservatism, free markets and all other conservative platforms."
Aside from the first sentence, Zac gets off to a surprisingly rational start, like he might be one of those conservatives you might have a friendly debate with, In fact if he had not let the cat straight out of the bag, I might be inclined to think that this was some material with which I could work.
"Unfortunately that is completely naive. Pointing at outliers and believing them to be a trend is not sound reasoning. It may be true that Latinos and Blacks have some conservative views but that is not the way they see it. The vast majority of most ethnic and racial minority groups have voted democrat (and more to the point voting for liberal candidates and policies) for quite some time and there is little sign at all that the future will be any different. In fact, most children of Latino immigrants end up more liberal than their parents, mostly because of how our public schools teach them how to view their ethnicity and place as an "oppressed group" in society."
So far so good, and as every good artist knows it is good to mix it up from time to time to keep your audience guessing, keep their attention, maintain their interest. Once we move past "...end up more liberal than their parents,..." he let's another cat out of another bag and one suspects that he might have a bushel of individually bagged kittens waiting in the wings. At this point it becomes apparent that most of these jamokes have absolutely no respect for the minorities in question and seem to assume if they just consumed the never ending line of bullshit from conservative outlets, they would come into the light. They seem completely unaware of the impact their seething contempt might have on groups of people who might be a bit more sharp than they realize. I'll admit (to my eternal shame) that I had a glimmer of hope for this character. I also expect that a fusillade of un-bagged kittens is near.
"If conservatism is to maintain any power it will require the ability to reach out to these groups. Unfortunately, the left has so rigged the system that most Americans want to identify with some "victimized" group and demand their share of victim hood."
Whineth the oppres-sed white man.
"Elizabeth Warren in a sense is part of that (though I know there's more to that story than just wanting to be a victim.)"
Do, pray, tell! It being perfectly clear that he has a substantial understanding of the ways and motivations or the Negro and Latino population, it should not surprise that he understands the mysterious ways of the Female.
"In modern America it is assumed that reaching out to different groups is to give them certain benefits and vote a certain way on various pieces of legislation. It is assumed that reaching out to Latinos means supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants and decreased border controls. It is assumed that reaching out to blacks means supporting Affirmative Action in college as well as businesses and allowing statistical disparities as proof of bias."
Zac, Zac, Zac, I can tell that you were rushing it, that you were really trying to keep it together before you blew the last of your wad. Again you get a good start out of the gate with the first sentence, though the subtext of that first sentence is clear once you parse the meaning of "different groups" as opposed to business as usual which means spend all of your political capital serving the interests and funneling all of the benefits you can to the privileged monied interests. The rest descends into a nearly Palinesque whinge implying the oppressive nature of not getting all of the goodies all of the time.
"The conservative answer is to say "We don't see people as belonging to groups but as Americans." That is a wonderful answer but the left already has most minorities convinced that such a mentality is just "cover for continued racism." We as conservatives have to realize that many minorities are now convinced that in order to reach out to them we have to change our positions and view them according to their group identity. I wish it were otherwise but that is reality. We should not change our views to get voters but it is tough to know what to do, especially when minorities have been taught not to even listen to conservative voices."
He stumbles right out of the gate like a blinder-ed pony that has had the smoke of pretty stories blown up its wazoo for its entire life. Then it becomes every thing you can do to avoid the cloud of terrified kittens coming at you from seemingly every direction (and while cute as hell, a terrified kitten flying through the air has some very sharp claws and will use them, and it will hurt if you are in the line of fire). Add the condescension, the patently explicit implication that the "coloreds" can't think for themselves. Following that train wreck with " ...but it is tough to know what to do,..." Of course it is, especially when you so thoroughly demonstrate a complete lack of respect for, a complete lack of understanding of, the very people with whom you wish to communicate. What you fail to realize is that when you showed up at the plate thinking you were the lead off hitter, you find that your team has two outs, no man on and the count to you is 0 balls and 2 strikes, such is your lack of self awareness. And you finish with that great conservative canard, that minority are little more than well trained dogs, or maybe monkeys who have no agency, but "..have been taught not to even listen..." Do you even read the shit you are saying? It is patently offensive, and all of you bastards repeat the Tropes over and over again. We are very near the end, I promise.
"I don't know really what can be done. We absolutely cannot compromise our principles hoping that will gain us minority support but many minorities believe that is the only acceptable form of outreach. I think the only thing conservatives can do is decide to participate more regularly in the institutions that propagandize liberalism: the media and education. How many conservatives get upset that liberals run the schools? Most do, but I know very few conservatives who wanted to become teachers when they grew up. I know a LOT of liberals who did. In college most of the students choosing to study teaching were liberals, even before they got to college. I know very few conservatives who want to be teachers. Can we be surprised that liberals run the schools if only they want to go into education? The same is true but to a lesser extent when it comes to journalism. I don't really know what else can be done but the choice must not be between compromising our principles and losing every battle."
I will only add that in the main this persons seems like he might come to see the error of his ways at some point. He might have some nice wingnut welfare sinecure waiting for him, but unfortunately, he actually believes this shit, and if he ever actually became aware of the truth, he could no longer fight the "good" fight.  In other words I think Zac here is in earnest if not completely missing a few points, and i don't think an earnest man can earn to many paychecks from spouting that which he knows to be lies.

The first sentence of Sowell's original piece has prompted me to think more about the nature of the continued fear of a brown planet that seems to have the right wing terrified. It might end up being one of the longer things I have written and as I finally feel like taking up the metaphorical pen again, this is a good thing. I just discovered (followed a link from somebody in some comment section yesterday) the Open Yale courses and have chosen to start with this one. And if I am going to discuss the nature of race relations and the generally hyperbolic reactions to that reality by the sons and daughters of the Confederacy, boning up on this particular class would be a good thing.

I have gone through a couple of lessons already and am quite happy with what i have seen so far. Check out the first link for the entire list, I am sure you will find something interesting.


Friday, May 25

They ask Questions

My good friend Sally who I met first in the comments at Balloon Juice a couple of weeks ago, who proceeded to follow me to Sadly, No!, tried to get my attention by liking some of my comments at the Alicublog left a question for me in the comments of the post below.
Kent, Just wonderin', since you're so obsessed with George Tierney, do you think the same justice should be served for your dishonestly cheating other honest students by writing papers for slackers in high school and college? I mean, you've put it out there on a blog with your picture, so it's public information, right?
First, let's deal with Tierney.

Honey pie, it is human nature to stare at trainwrecks and marvel at clown cars. So when you happen across a guy on the internet who has managed to stuff both of his feet into his mouth and keeps chewing, reaches his knees, grunts his approval, and keeps chewing, only deciding to stop chewing once he recognizes that his penis is slapping the underside of his chin, which he fears, might make him gay...Let's just say that it is like watching a car filled with clowns driving a runaway freight train into an ammo dump. If you are not fascinated by that spectacle, then you might have a problem that is beyond the scope of this post.

As far as Obsession is concerned i would disagree with your choice of usage in this case but since you brought it up, it is pretty clear that you are obsessed with me, what with chasing me around three different blogs, or four, and trying desperately to get my attention by any number of creative means. I like your pluck and verve and don't think I don't notice, I just generally choose to ignore you.

Now to the heart of the matter, my crimes and whether justice should be served. First, I did not write any papers for any other high school slackers other than my own damn self. As far as the work on a couple of papers in college are concerned I did on occasion help friends flesh out ideas and offered editing assistance that might have officially crossed the line on a couple of occasions in the service of friendship, so sue me.

I am sure that those trangressions make what Tierney said, repeatedly, with his mouth, seem like a walk in the field picking daisies for mom by comparison in your mind.

So what justice would you have me served exactly. I mean if you can drag a bunch of wingnut traffic to my blogs and want to have a howlfest in my comment section have at it. Otherwise you are talking about apples and oranges, dollars and donuts.

Sally, I just want you to know that I appreciate your genuine and heartfelt "concern" and the attention you pay me. I thought the following exchange was priceless:

g said: Jeebus, Kent, I'm sorry that mean-spirited twit Sally followed you here. I like the photo of you - and the life story. You should write a memoir.
sally said: g, What have you done for Kent other than paying him hand-job compliments? You're encouraging him to waste more time on the internet seeking approval from folks who won't ever matter to him in finding a job. If you think that's benefiting him, you're sadly mistaken.
At the Codpiece we are well aware of how deep a force Projection is among the Wingeratti and in this case given the amount of time that Sally has expended chasing me around the internets I feel the following offering from Shakespeare would be appropriate:

 "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." 


Wednesday, May 23

Getting Under their Skin

X-Pposted @ Wingularious

You know that you must be doing something right, when you pick up a wingnut stalker and concern troll who will follow you from site to site, attempt different tactics to get the attention they so dearly crave.

I have been doing what I usually do once I have exhauted any amusement that might derive from direct contact, which is ignoring the party in question, but I feel like it deserves a shout out, because at this point it might be the person most responsible for the recent uptick in traffic at my blogs.

So I would like to take this time to thank my stalker for spending such energy, time and "concern" mixed in with the occasional insult and gross misunderstanding, and as always, wrapped in a ball of projection.

FWIW participating in a google bomb is not doing opposition research on George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina nor is collecting publicly broadcast information from ones twitterfeed. If you want to be a massive asshat on the internet, then you should be ready to reep what you sow.

Sally, I am truly touched that I am in your thoughts so early in the morning.


Sunday, May 13

The Plutocratic Ouroboros

What follows is my response to a title of a blog post by ABL at Balloon Juice.
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Signs Legislation Permitting Employers to Interrogate Female Employees About Contraception Use.

 I dont even need to read the source material to know that Brewer no longer has any need for contraception (though you can be sure that she has used it in the past, and likely taken advatage of a health care plan that helped defray the costs) and her current attitude towards it, is just one more example of the I got mine, fuck you!, I'll pull up the ladder behind me ("beware of my stilletto heel" warning to anyone still clinging to same by their fingertips) version of confederate party, pseudo-libertarian authoritude.

Demonstrating a complete failure to recognise the thousands of backs upon which she was able to stand to get where she is.

And to think that this bullshit is in service to an agenda of people that have more money and power than they or their families would ever need for a hundred generations of ideal Catholic or mormanistic growth (think 10 kids a family, and when ten million dollars is the equivilent of pocket change, how many generations of replicants do you think you might support).

Most of the Republican leadership knows that they are not gonna be around when the shit hit's the fan (think McConnel R-Dipshit, KY, or your local version of moneybags McGillicutty) or at least know that their way through it will be buffeted by all of the money they have stolen, same for their progeny, though I am beginning to think that many of them have as similar FU attitude toward them (many liberals are formed as the result of conservative upbringing).

In any event I am pissed, and need to have a spot of tea.


In any event a few general questions for the Pluterati (read the 100 millionaires and billionaires) among us: How much fucking money do you need? How much power? Is your insecurity so great that you need to not only stand, but stomp on the backs of millions of hard working people just managing to eke out a living?

What makes the subjugation of everyone else on the planet (save a few close friends, cronies and your mostly useless offspring) a singular goal?

If I had to make a bet, I'd take 2 to 1 odds that It involves overcompensation for an extreme lack of confidence in a very particular area (not necessarily or entirely a veiled penis reference).

You guys are fucking fools who both legs in, find the cartilage around the patella to be interestingly tasty, just wait until you get a taste of your Ozark Oysters.


Wednesday, May 9

Thanks mom.

Mother, I love you dearly. And while I realize that I have been a pain you remain my everything.

You are possibly the smartest person I have ever known and I can't tell you how much that fact has made a difference in my life.You are the source of my intelligence, tenacity and acumen.

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 8

Portraits of the Artist as a Young Man

Having lost a bunch of pictures, the result of the raveges of circumstance, I offer these three from my perfomance at a Rock show in 1990 ( a benefit btw).

What follows is a litany or compendium of accomplishments, a start of a process to document all of the crazy shit I have done, most of it well. How do you make a resume for this guy (thumbs pointing in the obvious direction)

I was a publisher of a zine called Read This! (I think we only got one issue out, but I thought it was a good one).

I built my own revolutionary bicycle frames from a box full of tubes, some lugs, some brass, flux, and an oxy acetylene torch. Using an angle iron jig, c-clamps and some proper tubing blocks (picture an aluminum cube bored to an inch or an inch and an eight straight down the middle and sawed in half).

I was a bass player in six bands.

I tought myself more or less all of the previous shit and that which will follow.

I have cut threads on a metal lathe and turned a brass rod which previously measured .375 into a cube measuring .305 with an accuracy of + or - 5 thousands of an inch. demonstrating my facility with a four jaw chuck, dial indicator, surface plate, etc.

I have been paid for an article published in a medical journal.

I have built my own computers.

I have competed in the national championships on a bicycle, later being invited to try out for the National team as a first year Junior. I was 16 at the time competing with 17 and 18 year olds for a spot. In the only race we in which we competed en masse, I finished 13th out of 90, in my first cyclocross event on a course with two inches of snow, riding a bike with slick tires. I think I crashed once during the race.

I was President of my senior class.

I have had an actual Mechanical engineer tell me in earnest that I was a better mechanical engineer than he was. Eight yars later when i ran into him again he reiterated his previous stance (while appending that with; in his opinion I was worth at the very least 80K a year). Thank you Tom for giving me the highest compiment twice. and the first time I thought you might have been shitting me.

I have had moderating privileges at Slashdot and the Daily Kos, and have been called one of the nicest people on the internet.

I have fixed* a problem with a clutch on a 53 Plymouth Cranbrook with the assistance of the library, microfilm, and a wrench which happened not only to be the correct size, but was located under the passenger seat.

I coughed up the idea of a multiverse while walking home from highschool, around the time that string theory was being developed.

I made the little league all star team as a catcher based soley on my defensive skills (nothing got past me though I could not hit worth a damn, but if i got on base, I was dangerous).

I ran three quarters of a mile on a cross country course in 3:15 during a ladder drill.

I ran the mile on every indoor track in town in under five minutes a year out of highschool, when I wasn't actually training.

I have had pictures appear at BFA shows, the result of borrowed camera's and drunken evenings.

I have written papers that got other people A's, in college.

I played my first gig less than two months after picking up the bass guitar, in a trio, with a guitarist that had been nominated for a grammy two years prior (Jeff beck won that year).

I have been a ham radio operater, have built my own radios, and made contact with other hams in over 130 countries.

I have built a fire from a single spark (pro tip-Dryer lint for tinder).

I have worked in two bakeries and more kitchens than I care to count, but at one point was asked by an eastern European lady if I was a chef, because the first time I ever thought about making ratatoui, I apparently knocked it out of the park. My braided Challah was also a big hit with the local jewish population. And while I have made amazing croissants, I am no chef.

I know my way around a darkroom, have processed thousands of photos, and rolled my own film.

In any event once I learned of the concept of the Renaissance man, which was right around the time that I read Fahrenhiet 451 I figured that I had to become one, and try to learn everything that I could wrap my mind around.

I tend to do a horrible job of selling myself, though once people get to know me they tend to find that i am competant, knowledgeable about a wide variety of things respect life (and the choices made in its service). If anybocy who has made it this far would like to help me turn the above into a resume I would greatly appreciat it.

Sunday, April 22

Thank You All

I apologize for the delay for this post, but I have been sidetracked by a number of things lately, which have considerably cut down on my time on the Blogoverse even though I started another blog Cherrypicking Leviticus. There is not much up now and I will happily accept co-bloggers who might be interested in the variety of territorial coverage concerning the right wing where it intersects religion. I simply thought it was too good a name/meme/blog title to pass up. And I am not yet feeling my oats writing wise to give it the attention that I think comensurate.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed, or sent good wishes in response to my request for assistance. I was truly moved, am truly moved and hope to the FSM that I did not neglect to send a personal note of thanks to each and every one of you.

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, I have a bit of breathing room and some time to consider next moves, etc.

I truly feel honored to be a member of such a wonderful and caring community, and if there is any way I can be of assistance to any of you, do not hesitate to ask.

In any event I can assure you that I will continue my persistant efforts to effect random acts of kindness when the opportunity presents itsel.

I love you all!


Thursday, March 29

Fourteen Months Ago

And so it begins, a New Years resolution to ask for help from time to time. I have a problem with pride and when I was Healthy and Whole I could get away with it. I am now in somewhat of a bind.

A little over fourteen months ago today, January 16, 2011 I came home after a late shift at the corner market (arriving at 4:30 am) I was inspired to work out with some free weights mixed in with some situps and pushups. I was feeling really good after a Summer and Fall of riding. I was finally getting back in shape on the bicycle and had actually managed to get over the hump that had previously derailled prior attempts. Then someone ripped off my roadbike in October, but I still had enough physical activity to stay on top of it. When the workout was over I seriously thought that there was a possibility of running a sub five minute mile, and a sub 25 minute 10 mile time trial. In other words I thought I was getting my mojo back, and that this would be the year (2011) that my luck would change (it been a shitty five years prior, luckwise, but I had my health, and a positive attitude, if not a shitty job).

Two days later I caught the stomach bug that had been going around and while I could feel that my immune system was dispatching that particular grievance, something else seemed awry, a new addition to my extensive catalog of pain that was not recognisable (always a worry). Having no health insurance and full faith in what had been an amazing immune system, I was reluctant to seek medical attention. Within 5 days I was an invalid, in extraordinary pain, unable to walk (imagine attempting to walk when it seems like every bone in both feet are broken...At one time on day four of the crisis it took nearly a half hour to circumnavigate a city block, a journey that had to be made to acquire provisions). I had an enormous difficulty in sleeping and eating all the while hoping that my body would take care of things.

It was taking care of things alright; the research that I conducted regarding my symptoms led to only one conclusion: I was dealing with an auto-immune problem and that my immune system was now trying to kill me (or at least had run amok asking every joint for papers and or to provide friend or foe codes. Fascists had taken control and the browshirts had gone full beserker). Just when I thought I had found a place where i could get more than 20 minutes of sleep, that which I thought was a case of pink eye appeared, providing yet another level of sleep denying discomfort.

Fortunately I was staying with an old friend who has some means and a couple of days later when I was forced to use a wheel chair to get around he offered to cover the initial money to get me in to see a Doctor. Of course I was immediately transferred to the Rhuematologist (fuck) and of course was given a prescription for cortical steroids (prednisone) which tracked exactly with both my worst fears and matched my own internet diagnosis.

I have never been in so much pain (only six months prior having taken a bicycle down voluntarily at 43 MPH resulting in numorous lacerations, a broken thumb, a hole in my elbow and any number of roadrash tatoos, and while painful, all of that pain was in the known catalog).

And by voluntarily, I mean I had to choose the lesser of two evils; over the guard rail into a tree filled ravine resulting almost certainly in blunt force trauma with a decent liklihood of death, or lay down the bike and hope I would stop just short of the guardrail. I was lucky and slid to a stop a couple feet short of the rail.

The only thing was that cleaning all of the mud and other debris out of my wounds as a result of that wreck in the shower and with a scrub brush was going to be even more painful, and I had the pleasure of riding another 7 miles to get to a place where I could endure that suffering.

All of this is to say that I have some experience with pain and have a rather proven threshold, and desperately hoped that I could "gut it out"  while waiting for my immune system to knock whatever the fuck it was, out, without having to make a trip to the hospital for services that I would not be able to afford.

Eventually it was derermined that I did not have a simple case of Pink eye but something that the initial specialist was unable to diagnose and sight was becoming splotchy so a visit to anothe specialist was inconclusive but some anti-biotics and steroid drops were formulated and an insane regimine of treatment requireing an application of every couple of hours was concocted (which would make sleeping nearly impossible, but shortly before entering the Hospital it was working, and my sight was clear).

I was sent to the hospital for some bloodwork, which was followed by a 
spinal tap to rule out meningitis I was admitted (meningitis ruled out). The halucinations I enjoyed for the lack of sleep (maybe 4 to 6 hours total over the course of 6-8 days) were amazing and completely benign. And while everything that I saw was completely real to me at the time there was a part of me that knew that I was through the looking glass.

The first two and a half days after being admitted to the hospital I was out of it. Apparently I had a fever that was spiking to 104 and I was being filled with antibiotics and steroids. (Those fever dream/hallucinations were much more menacing) And that is when I lost the sight in my right eye, (much better to live than to enjoy binocular vision) they were simply trying to save my life, relieve my suffering and stabilize my condition.

On the third day with that sweet, sweet, sleep under my belt, I felt much better ( I will say that it is amazing how your perspective changes when encountering a dramatic reduction in pain) and was very much interested in getting the fuck out of there as quickly as possible to avoid any more of a liabilty, yet as the doctors were not certain of what flavor of auto-immune disorder I was dealing with kept me around for a couple of more days.

Having missed a couple of weeks of work I felt compelled to work the day after I was discharged and the two days following even though the doctor that released me said I should take it easy for a week. Ultimately I came back too ealy and worked too hard out of the gate not having any idea that my enthusiasm (steroids helped in that department, to be sure) would be a hinderance to my recovery, yet I was hoping to get back on my feet ASAP. I was hoping that I could return to a semblence of normal (minus the eye that would never again focus light on the retina) as quickly as possible. Another manifestation of my illness has resulted in my right index finger has a permanent 30 degree bend at the middle knuckle, which can be a nuisance, but can also be worked around.

I had hoped that within six months I would be able to trust my right knee enough to run again. Six months later I was hit by a Truck while riding to work (blindside ally crossing-fortunately neither of us was traveling very quickly) I was knocked off the bike, but both the bike and I seemed ok (adrenaline is a hell of a drug). Later that evening I realized that I had pretty well tweaked my ankle and started cursing myself for letting the driver off the hook. Fortunately the ankle was OK after about three weeks.

It has been a long hard fourteen months, the hardest of my lifetime, and I am approaching the begininning of my 48th year around the sun.

I have spent a year trying to put the experience in the rear view mirror while coping with the extraordinarily (in my experience) lengthy healing process. I am slowly beginning to feel something like myself again, though I have a very long way to go.  I still manage to wake up every day with a sense of hope.

To this day I still can't trust my right knee enough to run. My joints feel arthritic from time to time and I have to be very careful with my back. In short, I am not remotely close to the physical condition that I was 10 days prior to entering the hospital. If I could have traded my right eye and bent index finger as a condition for the oportunity to return to my previous physical condition, I would have done so in a heartbeat, sure I will miss the opportunity to play hackey sack (depth perception mandatory), though oddly enough I can still juggle (for a short period of time at least). I really miss chasing frisbees, soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, pretty much everything I could do when I could run.

As far as disability goes, I am apparently not disabled enough for SSI and am looking at a number of years to get a judgement on partial dissability.

However, having been recently displaced from a job and losing my glasses, I feel that I need to put my pride to bed and ask for help. I have always been happiest when I can return a wallet or jump off of my bike to help push a car out of the snow, or give someone advice about anything I might have a slight bit of expertise and have always done so freely.

Lending a hand or a hug has never been a problem for me, yet asking for help always has.

I need some help, I need to beg for some assistance so that I can keep this roof over my head. I need some breathing room so I can nurture the healing process and find time to find a job that will complement me rather than frustrate me. I have definitely learned a good deal about what I need to enjoy a life of limitations, and have been able to put to bed some of my prior ambitions, which is not to say that I have in any way shape or form given up or in. One of the things that makes this so difficult for me is knowing that there are people in far worse shape than I am.

If any of you who make it this far feel like rummaging through your couch cushions and coat pockets and feel that you won't miss the change, feel free to hit the donate button on the sidebar. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your kindness,


kent aka Provider_UNE fka UpittyNegroEmbigulator, UnitedNegroEmirates

Sunday, August 28

Thanks Thunder!!!!

This is test of a new internet gag wherein I cite a helpful response on another blog.

In any event the cat known as ifthethunderdontgetya ™³²®© clued me into jskit linkypoofoo.

And as a result I won't look like an idiot on the idiotnets.

/doffs cap

Saturday, September 9

Meeting the Overloard

I know that it has been awhile, but I thought I'd take a moment to simply state that I had the pleasure of meeting our master, lord of the blogoverse, Kos. That is all....

................for now anyway.